Services We Provide
Watch & Clock Services:
Our primary service is fabricating vintage watch parts, particularly wheels and pinions.  We have
made wheels without an existing part!  We have a full machine shop so we can make our own
wheel cutters.  We have also made bridges, plates and setting parts.  We do some limited
case repairs.  Specialty fabrication of parts is performed at a rate of $250 per hour with a three
hour minimum.

We also clean, overhaul, adjust vintage watches.  Clocks within the greater Hudson Valley area,
can also be hung or set in place.  We will move tall case clocks within your home or from one
home to another - we charge $1 per foot with a $75 minimum.  Contact us for an estimate.

More involved watch repair services include debugging, testing, timing, regulating, and poising
the balance.  We can vibrate hairsprings to matched to suit your balance.

Mechanical Antiques:
We can clean, overhaul, and adjust just about any mechanical antique, be it a phonograph, a
musical box, a parlor organ, nautical items and some musical instruments.  We can also
fabricate parts for antique cars and trucks and vintage aircraft altimeters and clocks.

We have a small job shop.  We can do limited production runs on one of our two CNC milling
machines.  We can also care for your welding (TIG, MIG, GMAW Stick) needs.  We are currently
developing our own foundry, but have access to a foundry capable up to 25 pound aluminum
pours.  We have designed computer models of antique parts, then had patterns made, and
finally a finish part.  From CAD to Casting, we cared for it all.

Do you need a prototype?  One-off?  Samples?  We can help!

Consulting & Advice:
Are you building something mechanical that needs another viewpoint?  We have been used as
consultants for work flow analysis, machine development, machine shop layout and work flow,
machine setup.  Contact us for pricing and availability within the Hudson River Valley region.

Would you like to know more?  Please email: to start
working on the solutions to your concerns.