What's New?

The Village Watchmaker is doubling our fabrication capacity.  We hope to soon include a small
foundry.  We recently purchased a crucible capable of pouring up to 30 pounds of brass, 20
pounds of babbitt or 10 pounds of aluminum.  Updates will be available as progress is made.  
We are also able to handle larger CNC machining projects.
Some of our equipment:
  • 20-60 Lathe - with cylindrical grinding attachment
  • 1 Bridgeport J-Head mill
  • 1 Fadal 2040 CNCmill  with high speed spindle
  • 1 Leadwell 14 X 14 X 12 CNC 16 tool changer
  • 1 Taig 4-axis micro CNC mill
  • 1 Miniature lathe
  • 1 Watchmakers lathe
  • Drill sharpening equipment
  • Drill presses
  • Optical comparator
  • Vibrograf B-200 timing machine
  • L & R Ultrasonic cleaning machines.
  • Portescap V-10 ultrasonic cleaning machine
  • Swiss, French and American watch crystals
  • Swiss and American watch parts inventory
  • Equipment for testing Rolex watches
  • Balance weight scale from the Hamilton Watch
  • and on, and on, and on...
An Overview of what we do:

For the past 15 years, The Village Watchmaker has specialized in the cleaning, adjusting, repair
and/or overhaul of vintage timepieces.  We have a large inventory of Swiss and American watch
parts, as well as the ability to fabricate most parts.

We have turned balance staffs, made wheels, stems, and setting parts.  We have repivoted
broken staffs and polished them to like-new precision.

We are a small but full service machine shop, specializing in antique mechanical restoration
and fabrication of unique replacement parts for antique items. We have three knee milling
machines - two with CNC capacity.  We have three lathes, from a very tiny watchmakers lathe up
to a lathe with 20" swing and 60" between centers and a gap bed; but it is not uncommon for us
to turn balance staffs with pivots only .004" (.1mm) in diameter, and not much more than .200"
(5mm) long.
The Village Watchmaker